Stay Safe with Anchor Points

Sonaa Abseiling Service provides temporary and permanent anchor points in order to protect your employees when working at such great heights. Prevent any unforeseen accidents caused by unsecured equipment by having Sonaa supply and install high-quality anchor points.

Falls from a work site are dangerous and harmful and can add to the cost of workplace downtime and recovery costs when you are reliable. The best preventative step to making your work environment safe is by contacting Sonaa Abseiling Service. We will provide you with a quote for supplying and installing anchor points. Our team also install temporary anchor points. Safe equipment will ensure your workers are protected at all times, allowing your workers to do their job efficiently.

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Complete Roof Access

Often commercial buildings will benefit from supplying and maintaining a complete roof access system. Sonaa Abseiling Service is completely trained in all aspects of anchor point supply. We can supply and install your anchor points quickly and effectively. Our complete roof access systems are combined with full certification and come with a complete roof plan suitable for any job. Our team at Sonaa Abseiling Service want to ensure you are safe when working on any job, that’s why we install safety lines and certify safety lines to guarantee a safe environment.

We offer single point and full static line systems to ensure you and your employees are safe at all times. Our team at Sonaa Abseiling Service is more than happy to reach you at your site and assess the situation to identify the most suitable anchor point system for your job. We certify static lines and install static lines.

Certification Of Existing Systems

If you are after certification on your current roof safety system, then Sonaa Abseiling Service has you covered. We will assess your anchor point supply system and certify it for you. We are more than happy to assist you in meeting the WHS regulations by ensuring your systems meets the NZ/AS 1891.4 standards. Certify anchor points with Sonaa Abseiling Service.

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Certification Of Existing Systems

Certification With Sonaa Abseiling Service

You can be reassured that you’re in the best hands when it comes to supplying and installing anchor points. We use the latest technology and high quality service to ensure customer satisfaction. Keeping your staff safe is important to us and our systems will give you peace of mind when your employees are working at great heights. Our team also provide installation of ladders and certify ladders for your job.

Our anchor point supply systems are safe and are designed to allow free movement and are simple to use when working on any job on commercial buildings. Roof safety anchors are used in tandem with the correct safety personal protection equipment including a harness and lanyard fall protection system. Harness anchor points provide your workers with safe roof and gutter access for maintenance, servicing roof mounted plant/equipment and other various jobs at such heights.

Our System Benefits:

  • Simple retrofit design
  • Fall arrest rated
  • Limited visual
  • Energy absorbing
  • Cost effective
  • Simple installation
  • Water restricted seals

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Contact Sonaa Abseiling Service today for Anchor Point Supply and installation. Our team has years of skill and knowledge so you can be reassured that you are working with the highest quality anchor supply in Sydney.  Contact our team for safety line, static line and ladder installation and certification.