Windows are designed to allow natural light from the outside to enter a building. Clean windows will assist in creating a clean environment and ensure a comfortable workplace and quite often there will be no need for curtains, blinds or shades.  To keep windows looking clean and clear a professional abseiling cleaning service will be able to do a regular window cleaning and maintenance check.  Once the contractors are on the job there will be hardly any interruption to your day in fact you will probably hardly know the crew are there!

We have listed the top 5 reasons external window cleaning is beneficial.

Happy Employees

With the ability to allow more natural sunlight into the office, clean windows will encourage work productivity and enhance the general mood of employees.  With spotless windows the interior of your workspace will look bigger and brighter this is beneficial when there are a number of employees working closely together. Colours in the office will appear brighter and with the addition of plants, you will have a very happy workspace.

Clean Windows Will Impress Clients

As time goes on, windows build up a layer of dirt and grime, quite often this dirt will go unnoticed and not until the windows are cleaned that you realise how dirty they were! Sparkling windows will make a positive first impression on your customers and clients and they will be impressed with your attention to detail and encouraging a clean healthy workplace environment.

Health Benefits

To improve the health of your employees and tenants clearing windows of spiders, cobwebs, dirt and mould, which can cause allergies, can all greatly reduce the impact of health issues in the workplace. Having a professional abseiling cleaning company cleaning your windows on a regular basis will help protect your employees against allergies, pests and more.

Protect Your Windows

Window cleaning rope access services, like those offered by Sonaa Abseiling Service, are highly experienced in doing an expert job looking after the façade of your building. This includes window cleaning, regular window and maintenance will help the glass and framework have a longer lifespan. Windows can develop a buildup of airborne pollution, waterborne pollution, grease and grime.  Dedicated cleaning companies who have the proper window cleaning tools, techniques and qualified technicians will provide the service you deserve.


Cleaning the exterior windows of a commercial building can be dangerous. Though there are a number of ways to scale the high floors of a building, the one which is widely used and safe is rope access technique, where ropes are used to ascend and descend to and from the hazardous heights of the buildings. Hiring a professional team will eliminate any cause for concern. Rope access window cleaning is safe and efficient the crew will be experienced and specifically trained to complete a contract to the customer’s satisfaction. They will have specialised equipment and expert supervision.

Having experienced and skilled window cleaning personnel, such as Sonaa Abseiling Services will provide a quality and timely service. They are experts in high rise buildings and use scaling rope access and windows are cleaned or washed safely and swiftly without affecting the environment.  No job is too difficult, access to all window areas and being highly qualified, once the job is completed the windows of your building will be sparkling clean.

Owners should always look for dependable and sustainable window cleaning services which are cost effective, fast, and safe to the environment. Sonaa Abseiling Window cleaning services have many years of experience, their professional team are available to answer any queries and will be able to advise on the best approach when cleaning the windows of your commercial building.