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Why should I clean the windows of my building regularly?

Abseiling Building Maintenance

Clean windows are one of the first things a client or resident notices in a high-rise or commercial building. Having your windows cleaned regularly will make an immense difference to the appearance of your structure. Clean windows will naturally bring in more light and improve the comfort of your commercial or high-rise building. The importance […]

Waterproofing – Does it work?

preparing to abseil on top of building in sydney

Waterproofing your high-rise or commercial building is crucial as the second line of defence for the longevity of your construction (the first being an optimal design).  A waterproofing system is a must to prevent moisture from penetrating your building. A suitable waterproofing system should also last many decades unless a catastrophic event occurs, such as […]

How often should I paint my commercial building?


Painting your commercial building can increase the awareness and perception of your business. If the building structure has a cracked, peeling or faded paint on the exterior walls, your company image can become negatively impacted. It is important that you have pride in the way your commercial buildings appearances, even if your building is just […]

Waterproofing Your Commercial Building

preparing to abseil on top of building in sydney

Employing an abseiling service provides an advanced new method to high level access building work, as well as being a safe and cost effective alternative to scaffolding.  The service offers an extensive set of options ranging from inspections, maintenance and repairs in difficult to access areas, such as confined spaces and high level access structures. […]

Is Building Maintenance For A building’s exterior Important?

High Rise Waterproofing

Remedial means remedy, and in the world of rope access work this is an extremely important procedure to inspect, monitor, clean up, eliminate, treat, prevent, contain or otherwise remediate any problems associated with the outside of a commercial building. Locating and fixing any issues which involve the exterior of a commercial building including the structure, […]

Top 5 Things To Consider When Painting Your Commercial Building

Man Scaling High Rise Next to Power Lines

Is your building looking old and neglected? We all know how important it is to keep the inside of a commercial or residential building clean, however, the exterior is just as important.  First, the cleaner and well maintained the building is the simpler it is to see any structural problem which Sonaa Abseiling Service to […]

Benefits Of Using A Professional Window Cleaner

Man Cleaning a Commercial Window

Windows are designed to allow natural light from the outside to enter a building. Clean windows will assist in creating a clean environment and ensure a comfortable workplace and quite often there will be no need for curtains, blinds or shades.  To keep windows looking clean and clear a professional abseiling cleaning service will be […]

The importance of Waterproofing your Commercial Building

High Rise Waterproofing

What Is Waterproofing? Commercial waterproofing is the process of safeguarding your commercial building from any water seepage through the roof, garage or openings. Waterproofing is essential to help maintain your property for the years ahead.  Water seepage in any building or structure can cause a great deal of damage and left untreated will produce mould, […]