Remedial means remedy, and in the world of rope access work this is an extremely important procedure to inspect, monitor, clean up, eliminate, treat, prevent, contain or otherwise remediate any problems associated with the outside of a commercial building. Locating and fixing any issues which involve the exterior of a commercial building including the structure, materials, windows, cladding and other external features which building or strata managers are not trained to identify.

Rope access or abseiling service is a safe and efficient method to access remote locations for inspection and testing.  The advantage of this method is the speed in which professional technicians can access a building with minimum impact on daily operations eliminating any shutdown period while offering an alternative to costly scaffolding and cranes.

Building Inspection Report

Commercial buildings are not immune to the elements. Building owners, therefore, need to have regular inspections of the exterior of their building to ensure problems do not go unnoticed. Inspections must be carried out from the ground, the roof and at every elevation in between. The employment of an authorized rope access company such as Sonaa Abseiling Services will guarantee that all areas will be checked for any possible damage and will be documented and once identified can be repaired and restored as soon as possible eliminating any unsafe building situations.

Concrete Cancer

There are a number of problems which can occur if the exterior of a commercial building is not built accurately or maintained. One of the main remedial services Sonaa provide is concrete cancer repairs., Concrete Cancer is caused by the corrosion of the reinforcing steel which is positioned in the concrete supporting the exterior surrounding the building. Another issue can be cracks within the concrete which usually indicates concrete cancer. These concerns are a matter for a professional abseiling service, through rope access clients are offered a comprehensive inspection and due to the ability to closely access and inspect all areas of the structure defects will be identified and can be repaired and restored.


In building construction, waterproofing is a fundamental part of constructing a building enclosure, all surfaces of the exterior of a commercial building must be waterproof.  The building structure must be built in such a way that water does not enter the structure, however, problems do arise from poor and inadequate construction and a professional abseiling company such as Sonaa will be able to inspect and waterproof any commercial building within the Sydney metropolitan area.


The process of remedial work on a building is fast and efficient with minimum intrusion in the daily work life of the tenants and employees working within the building.  Rope access is a tool for completing a task which means you must engage with a professional team that is highly qualified to perform at a worksite that might be otherwise inaccessible. Rope access requires comprehensive training, specialized equipment and perhaps most important qualified supervision. With safety a priority hiring a qualified abseiling service company such as Sonaa Abseiling Services for your commercial building inspection and restoration you will be guaranteed a safe working environment.