We are all guilty at times of having a messy office however, having a clean and hygienic workplace is critical for the overall health and wellness of employees.  At times it can be difficult to keep your office clean other than tidying up once in a while.  In the workplace we are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity and promote a healthy environment so to maintain a high level of hygiene is important to avoid the spread of germs and to guarantee a healthy workplace.

To maintain a clean office workplace here are 5 tips for you to consider.

Clean Your Computer

Research has shown that your computer or laptop can be 20,000 dirtier than a toilet seat.  Dirt, hair, crumbs and other debris all build up on computers, the constant use will cause this dirt to become trapped. Trapped debris can cause computers to overheat which will slow the computer and reduce productivity. Computers are constantly being used, hands are not always clean, and this can transfer germs between office equipment. Look at your desktop can you see your desktop background? If not it’s time to clean up your computer and delete the documents you no longer use. This computer cleaning will save you precious time searching for files when you are using them.

Clean Up Before You Clock Off

Before clocking off, tidy your desk and the surrounding area, remove cups and dishes return them to the kitchen cupboard washed and cleaned. Everything has a place if you are organised not only will you benefit but your clients and work colleagues will also.  It is a great habit as when you arrive the next morning everything will be ready and tidying for you to begin your day straight away.

Fridge Cleaning

Offices are renowned for having fridges with smelly leftover food that will be left and forgotten.  To avoid this problem select one day a week to have a fridge cleanout. Throw out expired food, advise work colleagues it is their responsibility to maintain a high level of hygiene and to keep a check on food items that they place in the fridge.

Remove Garbage and Recycling

It is recommended that garbage is to be removed each day and to avoid leaving trash around if possible this will ensure no smells or germs.  Recycling, of course, is ideal, protecting the environment should be at the top of the list in an office environment also recycling will have to reduce waste and save the company money.

Dust In Your Office

Dusting will help the appearance of your office space.  Use a microfiber cloth wipe over the desk, cabinets, and furniture move objects out of the way to clean under and around them. Dust will gather in all areas and a weekly dusting will help keep your work area clean and fresh.  Once the area is spotless place a vase of flowers to brighten up your space.


A clean office space allows for happy clients and employees, it’s important to keep your technology clean, keep air fresheners and hand sanitizers nearby. Eating in a lunchroom and not at your desk will help to maintain a clean desk and computer. Windows and floors and common areas will often look dirty, and you should engage with a professional cleaning company as this will guarantee that the office is a safe and clean working environment. Sonaa Abseiling Service will ensure the exterior of your commercial building looks as good as your interior!