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Are you living in the Maroubra and needing your High-Rise building maintained?

Sonaa Abseiling can help.
We know your area and will reach you promptly.

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Our professionals at Sonaa work on residential, commercial, industrial or civil properties, making us the flexible, versatile choice for buildings and structures of every description. We offer a comprehensive suite of maintenance services in the Maroubra area with our expert abseiling team on hand to address all your maintenance needs.

At Sonaa we offer a range of services, these include:


At Sonaa Abseiling Service we work hard to satisfy our customers. Make the right choice for your organisation and choose the experts at Sonaa.

Contact us for an on-site visit to your property in Maroubra and receive a free quote.

Our Skilled Technicians

From building maintenance to waterproofing, we service your needs in Maroubra and deliver an exceptional quality of service for properties of all sizes. Our technicians are chosen for their experience, their qualifications, their knowledge of industry safety regulations and their dedication to always delivering the most thorough, responsible work. They exhibit only the safest practices and use the latest technology to ensure your property is in the right hands. 

At Sonaa, we pride ourselves on developing personalised resolutions for each individual property. To ensure that you’re getting exactly the service you require, we invite you to take advantage of our free quotes. One of our professional technicians will visit your location and will conduct a detailed assessment. We will then let you know what needs to be done in order to restore your building to its original appearance and functionality.

We ensure that all our workers are covered by work cover insurance, and we do not subcontract the job!

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Start a conversation with Sonaa today and discover why body corporates and property owners across Sydney choose us to care for their assets. Contact our skilled technicians in Maroubra on 04 4917 8470 or send us an email at info@sonaa.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Sonaa Abseiling can help.
We know your area and will reach you promptly.