When it comes to painting, whether it’s a room in your home or an entire commercial building, the choices can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to pick the perfect shade, but you also need to consider the type of paint and its cost.

In this short guide, we’ll explore the various paint types available and shed light on their respective price points.

Industrial rope access worker hanging from the building while painting the exterior facade wall.

Why Does Paint Cost Vary?

You might wonder why there’s such a price range when it comes to paints especially when applied to commercial buildings. Several factors influence the cost including:

  • Raw Materials: The quality of ingredients can drive up the price.
  • Brand Reputation: Trusted brands might have higher prices due to their reliability.
  • Special Features: Paints with eco-friendly attributes or low VOC levels might come with a premium.
  • Market Dynamics: Limited edition or speciality paints can be pricier due to demand and availability.

painters hanging on roll, painting color on building wall. facade builder worker with roller brush, working on high building. safety construction with lift rope belt in city.

Diving into the Paint Types

1. Water-Based (Latex) Paints

Quick to dry and known for their durable finish, these are ideal for walls and ceilings. They’re easy to clean up with water and emit low fumes. However, they might not be as durable as their oil-based counterparts. Expect to pay between $20-$50 per gallon.

2. Oil-Based Paints

Favoured for their smooth, glossy finish, these are perfect for woodwork and furniture. They’re long-lasting but require mineral spirits for cleanup and take longer to dry. The price range is typically $30-$70 per gallon.

3. Acrylic Paints

These are water-soluble but become water-resistant when dry. Best for exterior walls, they’re UV resistant and versatile. The cost? Anywhere from $25-$60 per gallon.

4. Epoxy Paints

Known for their extreme durability and resistance to chemicals, they’re a top pick for garages and industrial settings. They’re resistant to wear and tear but require careful application. Prices can range from $40-$150 per gallon.

5. Specialty Paints

Designed for specific needs, like fire retardance or anti-mould, these paints are tailored for unique applications. Costs vary based on the speciality.

The Right Paint and Smart Ways to Save

Remember, it’s not just about cost. Consider your surface type, indoor vs. outdoor application, the desired finish, and how long you want the paint to last. These factors will guide your decision and ensure you get the best value for your money.

And if you want even more value when picking the right paint, follow these tips:

  • Bulk Buys: Larger projects might benefit from bulk purchases. Manufacturers often offer discounts for bulk purchases, which can lead to substantial savings.
  • Seasonal Deals: Just like many other products, paint can also go on sale. Hardware stores and paint suppliers often run promotions during specific times of the year, such as the beginning of summer or during home improvement seasons.
  • Preparation is Key: A well-prepared surface can reduce the amount of paint required. Cleaning walls, sanding rough spots, and priming surfaces can ensure the paint adheres better and goes on more smoothly.

Painters painting outside the building


Painting is an investment, not just in terms of money but also in the look and feel of your space. Take into heart the different types of paints and their costs so you can make an informed decision that ensures aesthetic appeal, durability, and longevity.