Ensure the value and appearance of your building is protected. Sonaa delivers high-quality building concrete repairs helping to keep tenants and other occupants safe. Our repairs service can effectively address the underlying causes of concrete cancer, removing unsightly spalling and resolving potentially hazardous structural issues.

Every building’s concrete elements will require maintenance at some point in their lifespan. Sonaa endeavours to provide this necessary service at a price that every building owner and body corporate can afford. Make your building a safer and more attractive fixture in the city and rely on our team of experienced technicians to deliver the support your property needs at the price your business requires. Discuss your needs with a Sonaa representative today to find out more.

Protecting your building from degradation

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While surface cracking is frequently written off by laypeople as just another sign of wear and tear on a building, property owners should always take the time to understand the underlying cause, as it can frequently be a sign of something much more serious. The surface cracking associated with concrete cancer is a result of the interior steel reinforcement rusting and expanding, usually an indication that an error was made in construction or preparation of the building, or that wear and tear are more severe than previously thought.

Sonaa assists property owners across the construction, hotel and retail industries, helping to address the underlying causes of concrete cancer. In some cases, we may be able to halt the process by drying the concrete and installing a watertight membrane, but if not our experienced technicians are more than capable of replacing the affected area. Contact us to schedule an initial inspection and consultation.

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Whatever your building needs to preserve its value – painting, cleaning or repairs – rely on Sonaa to provide it. Make the right choice for your business and speak to our experienced technicians to find out how simple and easy maintaining your property could be. Contact us at our Sydney location on 04 1532 0802 or send us a message via email at info@sonaa.com.au and we will be in touch.