What Is Waterproofing?

Commercial waterproofing is the process of safeguarding your commercial building from any water seepage through the roof, garage or openings. Waterproofing is essential to help maintain your property for the years ahead.  Water seepage in any building or structure can cause a great deal of damage and left untreated will produce mould, bacteria and can cause deterioration to any wood structures.

What is the Waterproofing procedure?

Waterproofing is a method that involves a strong material that allows your surface or structure to be water-resistant. After applying water-resistant materials including membranes and various protective coats the building will be protected.   This process is more reliable and is cost-effective compared to past methods of waterproofing.

Why Should You Waterproof Your Property?

Waterproofing your commercial property will safeguard your building against moisture and dampness, which seeps through cracks in your walls or roof.   Unfortunately, even the smallest of cracks and fissures can cause extensive damage to buildings.

Waterproofing can prevent your property from the infiltration of water into the roof and walls, therefore, protecting your property.  During a heavy storm or downpour or days of continuous rainwater drainage can lead to damage to the internal parts of your commercial building, including furniture, appliances, and floor coverings. Flooding can happen if the structure has long-standing cracks and damage, in a dry spell with no rain it is easy to become negligent and not think about water damage, and unfortunately, once the damage has occurred there is huge expense and outlay of time to fix the problem.


Environmentally friendly and hygienic.

When water is trapped inside a building after a seepage problem, mould and mildew growth will occur. This can lead to respiratory problems and may cause allergic reactions, such as asthma, to people who may be working or visiting the building. Humidity in a building produces an environment for pests, presenting health risks to occupants and this will be an added cost to the owner to employ a pest control company.

UV Resistant

Waterproofing your property will ensure UV resistance this will protect your property from UV rays. UV rays will over time weaken and deteriorate your structure and this damage can threaten the condition of your building. Prevent this by waterproofing your commercial property today.

Energy Efficiency

Waterproofing will actually improve the energy efficiency of your commercial property, and therefore will lower costs on energy consumption. If a building is not waterproofed, water and moisture will seep through into the building. In a climate with fluctuating temperatures waterproofing helps maintain these changes. The changing temperature will increase the productivity level of HVAC systems and therefore increase your electricity cost. By waterproofing your building, this will prevent any moisture to enter your property while regulating temperature.

The importance of Waterproofing your Commercial Building, Sonaa
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Sonaa specialises in commercial waterproofing, this will help maintain your building, increase its value and stop ongoing repairs due to water damage. Managing a commercial building is hard work, and water that seeps through a building creating moisture and mould inside and around your walls will reduce the condition of your building.  If the situation arises where there is an issue due to water damage the time and cost of relocating staff, replacing the interior of the property will be both frustrating and expensive.

Sonaa Abseiling Services has many years of experience with waterproofing, with the knowledge and latest technology you can be reassured your commercial building will be safeguarded from any serious damage by water.

Sonaa is the expert specialists in waterproofing, using first-rate materials and the correct methods to give you the very best outcome to eliminate water troubles inside your building.

Whether your structure has previously experienced water damage or perhaps you have had a prior inadequate treatment plan, once the damaged structure has been repaired, a high-quality membrane will be applied to your property for long-lasting security.

Contact Sonaa Abseiling Service today and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist you with waterproofing your commercial building!