Is your building looking old and neglected?

We all know how important it is to keep the inside of a commercial or residential building clean, however, the exterior is just as important.  First, the cleaner and well maintained the building is the simpler it is to see any structural problem which Sonaa Abseiling Service to repair or restore any damage. Second, keeping the building clean and well maintained will help enhance the appearance of the building.

Painting your commercial building is an investment, a good paint job can create a positive first impression that will encourage customers to return to your building. Therefore updating your property with a fresh paint job is important for any business.

While you consider your commercial exterior painting project take note of these five tips to ensure your project is well covered.

Observe high standards of safety

Be mindful to select the right paint, which causes minimal health risks to people present, on and around the building while the job is being completed. Your employees and tenants should be your priority to ensure that their wellbeing and safety are at the forefront of your project. Also by enlisting a qualified professional company who have the correct safety checks, you will be guaranteed a safe working environment for all concerned.

Consider The Size Of Your Job

How many buildings or what part of the building is to be painted? How long will the project take to complete and will it inconvenience your employees or tenants? It is important to consider what time of the year would be most convenient for the job to be finished. During the wetter months, the job could be delayed due to rain.

Consider The Colour

Selecting the right colour or colours, if you want two tones to add a wow factor, will guarantee your building is more attractive and appealing to customers. In fact, colour can make the difference between a dull property and a bright welcoming property.

Maintenance After The Job Is Completed

The success of your project will also depend on regular maintenance after your job is completed. Regular pressure washing lengthens the life of your paintwork by removing dirt and mildew and keeping the paint looking clean and fresh. Restoration work is also important to help with any damage, having a qualified professional regularly inspect your building’s exterior will contribute towards keeping the paintwork looking fresh and eye catching.

Select The Right Contractor

Painting a commercial building means you must engage with an experienced professional company. They will have all the correct equipment, insurance and high safety guidelines. The staff will be dedicated to guaranteeing your job is a priority and will guarantee the job will be completed in the timeframe with little disruption to your clients, employees and tenants.


In order to boost your business and make a strong first impression keeping the exterior of a building looking clean and fresh is essential and a great way to update is with new paintwork. Please do not hesitate to call Sonaa Abseiling Services and they will be happy to advise on the best solution for your building’s exterior.