Commercial Waterproofing

Commercial waterproofing services comprise of the professional installation of waterproofing materials that keep water out of buildings, decks, garages and large parking constructions. The use of waterproofing materials can be preventative (at the inception phase) or as a response to moisture damage to protect the structural integrity.

Every year, a substantial number of commercial premises report damages and issues that can be related back to substandard waterproofing and its application. Water leaks and the subsequent damage can account for a large proportion of all building flaws and these buildings with water leakage, and filtration problems may soon become uninhabitable.

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Why does my commercial property need waterproofing?

As sealant materials degrade and crack over time, areas for water to intrude are created. As moisture finds its way into these crevices, it will progress throughout the seasonal weather changes. Sealing any impaired or missing masonry will ensure a waterproof barrier. Waterproofing your commercial building will safeguard it from the infiltration of water and the destructive impact of hydrostatic pressure. When water leaks into your commercial property, mould, bacteria and degeneration of wood-supported structures occur. Keeping the moisture out of your property extends the life of your building, protects interior contents, saves money on expensive repairs and increases the commercial property value.

Common areas for moisture issues.

Flat roofs, may collect water which can infiltrate into the ceiling space causing a leak. Lower floors may also have added issues from faulty plumbing or tiling leading to difficulties with structural problems. External areas, such as balconies terraces and windows, are incredibly susceptible to rain driven by high winds.

Neglecting the need for maintenance can lead to one of the most significant problems by ignoring the situation when concerns are noticed. Even the most minimal leak should be dealt with immediately as it has the potential to grow into a much larger one that will cause more damage. Checking balconies, windows, cracks, or any other issues that may crop up, and immediately dealing with them is a priority. The longer these issues are left, the more damage they’re going to do.

Waterproofing your Commercial Building.

  • Protects your Building Structure and Property Value– infiltration of water into the structure will lead to the deterioration of materials and can cause concrete cancer. Waterproofing prevents and protects the entire building from structural damage, contributing to an increase in property value.
  • Increases lifespan –When a roof resists heat it will last longer than one that absorbs heat by preventing the breakdown of chemicals within the structure. Waterproofing the roof is the solution to managing roof-related moisture damage.
  • Environmental and sanitation– When static water is trapped inside a building, mould and mildew growth caused by water penetration can induce allergic reactions and respiratory problems to the building’s occupiers. Damp buildings create a perfect environment for pests and vermin, presenting health risks to occupants and increased costs for pest control.
  • Increases energy efficiency – maintaining a constant temperature in the building places HVAC systems under extra pressure with a damp structure leading to higher energy costs.
  • Compliance with building codes and safety – When electrical wiring is exposed to water, fire and electrocution can follow. Waterproofing standards outline compliance codes for damp and weatherproofing standards that include external elements such as walls, drains and swimming pools. Safeguarding occupants from illness or injury and protecting the building from damage related to water issues is another aim.

Choosing Sonaa to Protect your Commercial Building

Sonaa have the skilled professionals, superior materials and the appropriate systems to give you the very best outcome to eradicate water problems within your building.

Whether your building has previously suffered from concrete cancer or unsatisfactory treatment application, once your problem has been repaired, a high-quality membrane will be applied to your property for enduring protection.

Sonaa is the abseiling waterproofing company to choose when your commercial building needs protection. Our waterproofing systems will prevent damage to new buildings and supply superior remedial repairs to existing buildings to ensure that your premises are safeguarded.

Protecting your commercial property by keeping moisture out, extends the life of your building, protects interior contents and saves money on costly repairs. Sonaa provides customised solutions and will recommend an appropriate waterproofing system most suitable for your long-term needs.

Sonaa is a dedicated team of professionals who have many years of industry knowledge, experience and commitment to bringing you the very best solution to your waterproofing needs. Our team is reliable and sincere about ensuring you the maximum quality and cost-effective outcome for your project. Being outstanding specialists with a comprehensive range of building maintenance resolutions means we can provide an all-inclusive service for your property upkeep.

We are fully accredited, insured, and safety affirmed. Fully guaranteed results are our commitment to you.

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