High Rise Waterproofing

Proper High Rise Waterproofing is essential to the continued structural strength and exterior appearance of any concrete building. Sonaa provides a comprehensive commercial waterproofing service suitable for use on buildings of all sizes and shapes. We use the latest technology and the most advanced techniques to ensure that your building is protected and its longevity is enhanced.

Waterproofing commercial buildings is a necessity, but especially for properties as valuable as city high rises. Sonaa offers superior quality commercial waterproofing services using the strongest, most resilient membranes at one of the most competitive prices in the city. We understand the importance of getting a professional service that fits within your business’ requirements, so start a conversation with us today to find out how we could enhance your property.

A key part of any construction or repair project is ensuring proper high-rise waterproofing

If your building has suffered from concrete cancer in the past,it’s highly likely the root cause was wear and tear to your existing waterproofing commercial or a poorly chosen or installed membrane. Once repairs and replacement work on the affected concrete have been completed, it’s crucial you immediately follow it with the installation of a high-quality commercial waterproofing product to guard against undoing your repair work with further moisture damage.

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High Rise Waterproofing

Choosing an abseiling commercial waterproofing company like Sonaa ensures that your building is fully protected from the elements. We use a variety of high-rise waterproofingsystems including liquid and torch on membranes to keep your company’s most precious asset secure. Serving the construction, hotel, and retail industries, we are a versatile company delivering bespoke services for properties of every size. Discuss your needs with our team today to find out more.

Protecting more properties across the city

Protecting more properties across the city with our commercial waterproofing company’sservices. Make the right choice for your business and contact Sonaa about our high-rise waterproofing services. Our Sydney office can be reached with any enquiries via email at info@sonaa.com.au or directly over the phone on 04 1532 0802. Find out how simple building maintenance could be with our help and have a Sonaa representative discuss your building with you.