Commercial Joint Sealing and Waterproofing

Joint Sealing is the installation of materials into the joints of buildings, concrete slabs, balconies, car-parks and commercial structures. Creating a waterproof seal with joint sealing is used to intercept movement within the surfaces or at the point of intersection between various building elements. Construction joints are exposed to changes caused by thermal or other stressors. Therefore, to waterproof and seal construction joints properly, an elastic material is required.

Joints are purposed to allow contraction and expansion, accommodate waterproofing, withstand shrinkage, avoid random cracking and thermal cracking. When joint sealing is installed incorrectly, it can develop significant issues regarding safety, spillage containment, vibration, waterproofing, abrasion damage and chemical attack.

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Commercial joint sealants are designed for sealing concrete joints in a variety of applications, including balconies, pavement, terraces, warehouses, factories, civil structures, and shopping malls. Sealant technology offers ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

Joint sealants are just a minor part of the overall cost of a construction project, yet they play a central role in keeping a building air and watertight, to prevent severe damage and a loss of thermal insulation. The costs of which can be considerable.

Therefore, the correct joint sealant selection is also vital to maintain this function over the whole service lifespan of the structure. A watertight building or structure is becoming increasingly relevant in the drive towards energy efficiency and sustainability in construction.

Within a construction project, there are diverse forms of abutments that require efficient watertight sealing, including isolation of the building envelope, sanitary joints, construction and movement or expansion joints in the facade and throughout the structure.

What is a Joint sealant?

Waterproofing is achieved by using a polymer-based gasket in buildings and constructions to fill and protect links between two substrates. The sealant is used to seal joints, gaps and openings between two or more bases to prevent environmental elements that can lead to corrosion. Sealants are created to protect joint edges from corrosion in concrete and clay tiles. There is a variety of sealant forms used in a commercial application to accommodate structural and atmospheric changes for example, on pavements, commercial buildings balconies, terraces, industrial floors and swimming pool floors. Design of the joint sealant is dependent on the substrates used within the joints. These products are obtainable in preformed and liquid-applied forms. Aesthetics must also be determined when manufacturing the sealant.

For enduring results when applying the sealant, the physical, chemical and durability properties are considered and required to withstand the varieties of joints. These may be movable or static factors to be determined in the system. The temperature and type of bond achieved within the joint will establish the chosen joint sealant.

The polymers used include butyls and acrylic, latex, polysulfide, hybrid polyurethanes, silicones, urethane and contemporary sealants.

Various properties required to increase the performance of the joint sealant include UV-resistance, non-chalking, non-staining and self-cleaning, resistant to penetration and abrasion, flexibility when exposed to weather and ageing, outstanding resistance to physical and chemical reactions, quick to cure and water-tolerant.

Choosing Sonaa for Commercial Joint Sealing and Waterproofing

Sonaa has the ideal waterproofing system for your commercial and construction projects. Australia’s extreme weather conditions, including frequent rain and harsh sunlight, often places a structure’s waterproofing system under enormous stress.

That’s why it’s particularly important that you choose a waterproofing membrane that can manage the transition of the structure to ensure the building is kept dry.

Sonaa has ideal systems for commercial and all construction projects. Their high-quality products and accomplished professionals can help watertight seal all areas of your property including Façade Joints, Floor Joints, Roof Joints, Specialty Joints and Swimming pools.

Sonaa Abseiling services are the professionals to choose for commercial joint sealing and waterproofing requirements.

Sonaa has an extensive range of caulking and joint sealants that include products and systems to ensure optimum performance and durability. Having many years of experience Sonaa offer services in new construction, building maintenance and building restoration. Our technicians are chosen for their experience, skill and qualifications to give you the best outcome for your property. We also offer a comprehensive range of building services including painting, remedial repairs, façade and window repairing and all waterproofing services. Our team will assess your needs and provide you with the very best results to enhance your building’s appearance and lifespan. We will deliver outstanding quality while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Sonaa are the experts for waterproofing and joint sealing your structure, servicing the greater Sydney metropolitan area. We can provide a total service for your property upkeep, with our fully accredited and insured specialists. Our work is also fully guaranteed.

We are committed to assigning optimal results for your property. Please contact us today.

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