Clean windows are one of the first things a client or resident notices in a high-rise or commercial building. Having your windows cleaned regularly will make an immense difference to the appearance of your structure. Clean windows will naturally bring in more light and improve the comfort of your commercial or high-rise building.

The importance of clean windows

Contaminants such as oxidants, acid rain, paint, hard minerals, and spray will leave your windows looking flat and prevent light from entering the building. Regular cleaning will remove the pollutants and contaminants, resulting in a more appealing environment. Your space will seem more substantial and beautiful.

If dirt, dust, and grime are allowed to remain, they will settle on the windows. The windows will look dull and increase the risk of allergens, that can lead to skin and respiratory issues. Hiring a professional window cleaning service will prevent the risk of future health problems.

More light will enter the windows when they are clean, letting more sunlight through. Vitamin D will be synthesised more effectively consequently.

Your windows will last for a more extended time as the environmental contaminants cause the glass to deteriorate if they are not cleaned frequently. A professional cleaning service will remove all pollutants with their thorough cleaning process.

Less light in your commercial space may also increase the risk of your staff experiencing low morale and is linked to seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Keeping the interior and exterior of your windows clean will prevent many types of illness.

Clean windows impart an essential first impression

Your clients, tenants, residents, customers, or staff will know that you care about the appearance of your building when you take the time to have your windows cleaned. Employing professional cleaners to clean your commercial or high-rise buildings windows will also invite new tenants and keep current residents healthy.

Why abseilers are an ideal solution for your high-rise and commercial window cleaning

Abseiling is a cost-efficient, safe, and efficient method for cleaning your windows. Cherry pickers, scaffolding, swinging stages and ladders are costly and very frequently unsafe. Advanced rope access techniques and experienced technicians can achieve high-quality results safely. Having a certified abseiler will ensure your high-rise building has streak-free clean windows.

Abseilers are trained to manage confined, complicated, dangerous, and almost impossible projects.

Sonaa Abseiling Service is your expert team in the abseiling industry. Quality, efficiency, and safety is their highest priority. Sonaa follows the absolute best practice, and you will love the results they produce.  Whether your building is two levels or 100, no job is too large or small.

Sonaa takes all precautions to ensure the public and residents are safe when planning the cleaning of your windows. The safety, comfort and privacy of your guests are assured. Minimising the impact on your staff, residents, or guests will be part of our planning process with you. Our methods are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Sonaa offers a superior range of maintenance services for buildings of any proportion. Please call or email us today.