You Need To Clean Your High Rise Windows & This Is Why….

Ensuring your high-rise building is looking its best is vital for your company’s image. Buildings may be a place for your business to operate; however, it is a form of marketing. Numerous people may pass by your building every day, and if your windows are covered in grime and dirt, this will possibly create a negative perception around your business’ brand. Whether or not you utilise your building for operational purposes, it may just be a building for offices, it always is seen by others. You want to always make sure that your windows are squeaky clean to ensure your brand or business is looking its best in all aspects.

As the Sydney Construction business has boomed, more and more high rises are being built across the city. That means more and more high rises will soon be subject to dirty windows. It is inevitable that your windows will need a clean, as Sydney is often subject to dust storms, bush fire smoke and pesky insects and let’s be honest, you won’t attract new customers with dirty windows.

How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?

Cleaning high rise windows whether it’s a commercial building, university, sports stadium or apartment block is essential for maintenance, aesthetics and ensuring your property will last you years. We recommend having your high-rise windows cleaned at least every 3 to 6 months, this will guarantee clean and shining windows all year. You can have peace of mind when running your business.

What Is Used To Clean High Rise Windows?

Sonaa uses the latest technology when it comes to cleaning your windows. Our solutions are the highest quality products on the marketing. Sonaa utilises efficient rope access to reach those hard to get areas. Every company will use different tools and different skills when it comes to cleaning high rise windows. However, our professional team has years of knowledge surrounding high rise buildings and how to keep them clean. Sonaa carry sponges, squeegees, mops to remove debris, dirt and dust on your windows. We use professional rope access services with accessible anchorage points allowing for low, medium and high-level window cleaning.

How Much Does It Cost For High Rise Window Cleaning?

Cleaning the windows of high-rise properties varies depending on a range of factors. These factors depend on what sort of property it is, whether it is a commercial building, a residential building or even a sports stadium. We have the right technology to clean any type of building. As the properties are different, we use different equipment to cater for each structure. Some buildings may be harder to reach or consist of damaged windows. This will all factor into the price of your window cleaning service. For the exact price of high rise window cleaning, contact Sonaa today and we will assist you with your window cleaning!

Ensuring your building is clean will not only attract customers but it will assist the reputation of your company. It is a great way to market your business without realising. Dirty windows will also slowly but surely damage the structure of your windows, without regular maintenance your windows will deteriorate.

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